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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Here is a link to a ringtone of my laugh. Hopefully everyone around you won't hate you.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Comment from one of our videos

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Excellent video Charlie! I know this probably took a lot of time to put together and the quality shows. I loved every second of it and will watch it several times. Thank you💜😃 Boy do I have a ton of questions. I know you're busy so I'll only ask one: Even with all of the poverty (by U.S. Standards) I can still see the beauty of living such an extreme simple life. The question is, could you or would you want to live there or a similar place on a full time basis? Could you or would you give up all of the amenities that the U.S. provides to raise your children there? How dose Raquel feel being back home? Okay so maybe it's three questions. LOL! Thanks
Modigazzi Travels 
Those are really some very deep questions and Raquel and I have discussed those very things. I am going to combine the first two questions and answer yes and no. Live a simple life, Yes. Give up the amenities of the US, No. I think that is possible to live simply in the United States. In fact that is just what we have been trying to achieve with fulltime RVing. The reasons that I say no to making this a permanent home at this time is multi-fold. First I have known several Filipinos that have attended university and Medical school and have become doctors but when the go to any other country the best that they can hope for is to more easily pass nursing classes in that country. To educate Colleen and Walden here is not an option because that education would be worthless to a majority of the world. That is just an unfortunate fact. But I think that it is possible to learn a level of simple living from these people that are forced into it by economics. We can learn to better provide for our own needs and learn better needs versus wants. Most importantly we can see that THINGS are not the always the most important addend in the equation to attain a sum of happiness. Just because we have"All the Amenities" doesn't mean that we should rely on them for everything nor should we have a breakdown when we can't. In closing and to answer your last question, Raquel, the kids and ,for the most part, I are having a pretty good time. Raquel is of course very happy to be with her family and to stroll for awhile down memory lane. But we as a family are ready to get back to our version of a simple life. The one big thing that we will take away from this trip is a knowledge that we can help make our family's life better here with just a little help. That is just what we are planning to do and thankfully because of the opportunities that the United States give us we can. Thanks