Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Living in an RV will make you rich.

Do you feel like you would like to shed the burdens of your job that you hate, the house or apartment that costs too much? Do you dream of a life of adventure and travel?

Well this may just be exactly the life that you are looking for.

My family of four have been traveling and adventure seeking for nearly a year.  Now that doesn’t sound like a long time until you consider that the average person gets one week of vacation a year maybe two if they’re lucky. So put in those terms. You would have to work for at least six long, grueling, exhausting and back breaking years to do that much traveling. Sound interesting?

Well I am here to tell you that it is not just a dream but a possible way of living. But, you ask “where do I get the money?” Most people that don’t fulltime RV don’t know that there are jobs geared specifically for RVers. They are called workamping jobs.

Workamping jobs can be anything from seasonal paid jobs from Amazon, the sugar beet harvest and other employers. These employers pay you to work and pay for a (FHU) full hook up, which means that they pay for your RV spot, your electricity, Wifi, water and sewer. Another type of workamping job is working for an RV park for FHU. These jobs are usually unpaid but come with few hours for which you are expected to work.

Example: You work 15 hours a week at the RV park and they pay for your FHU.
So you can use the remainder of your time exploring, sightseeing or just relaxing. If you are very industrious and want to bank a little money just to travel you can always get a job outside of the RV park as well.  If you are traveling with a partner double the income with the same deal.

So will Fulltime RV living make you rich in money? Probably not..
But it will make you rich in almost every other way. It all depends on what is important to you.

So check out a few of the following links that may give you some further info. I am including a link to our Youtube channel so you can see how a real family has been doing this awesome lifestyle.