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Monday, November 23, 2015

Hello this is the life and adventures of the Browns My family.

   We are Me Charlie my wife Raquel and our kids Colleen and Walden. We are for the most part a typical family. Raquel and I met in the Philippines and lived there for a while and Colleen was born there but we decided to move to the states.

  When we arrived we worked hard and bought a new 1600 square foot house and took on the mortgage that goes along with that. But we always felt there was more to life than just working to live. Raquel and I were always attracted to the tiny house movement and the apparent simplicity that lifestyle affords. The zoning in the place that we lived did not allow any house under 1500 square foot so it seemed we were stuck and stuck is not a happy place to be. 

  While checking out videos on youtube we came across, Gonewith the Wynns, a couple living in their rv full time but they seemed a little well to do with a great $100k + rv and a multitude of expensive gadgets but the sparked interest and imagination. 

  We considered many different options because we did have a new house and a mortgage to pay. Fortunately we live pretty well within our means so we didn’t really have any other payments. Our daughter is 7 and therefore was attending school so there was that to deal with also. We had the seed planted by the Wynns and started to research fulltime families with kids and found Follow the Hearts, they are a full time family with kids homeschooling and workamping, 

  I was like what!! Workamping!! 

  That was the first time I had heard the term. I found out that people will let you live at their rv park with all utilities paid in exchange for doing some work around the park and yet others will pay you and I was like..SHAZAM!!!.

  We bought a 1986 class C RV did some renovating sold almost all of our stuff and leased the house.  Leasing the house was the scariest part. We still want to get rid of the house entirely but just can’t come up with an economically feasible method of doing that.

  But for now we are traveling, living, adventuring and loving life. Our goal with our blog and videos are to inspire, enlighten and share the possibility of a better existence for anyone willing to jump in and take the chance.

  Robert Frost said, Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference.

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